Additional lighting

    Among the arsenal of lighting fixtures that designers use to create an impressive beauty interior in the houses that are presented on the site, one of the honorable places taken by the category of “lights”. With these simple products you can significantly transform the environment, emphasizing a particular detail of the design of your home.

    This type of fixtures, although its main purpose is to serve our aesthetic needs, is also quite a lot of practical value, especially when it comes to LED lighting. You can learn more about the meaning and common variations of backlights from this article.

    To begin with, let us denote the very concept with which we are dealing. So, we can call a light fixture of almost any size, shape and type, which serves for additional lighting of this or that detail of the interior. It is very easy to update the lighting in your room or apartment, and regardless of the repair work, you do not have to wait until the end of the repair of the room.

    The main varieties of such lighting devices are specialized lights for mirrors, paintings, figurines and other works of art. They are a sort of “mini spotlight” that is either on top of or on the side of the object. In case of paintings it allows you to appreciate the skill of the artist. Especially if the painting is in oil or acrylics, not watercolors. The same can be said about the lighting of statues – a properly positioned lamp will help to present the piece in front of the person looking at it literally in a “favorable light”.

    If a specialized lighting fixture is designed for mirrors, its role changes from aesthetic to practical. You will be able to assess as adequately as possible what you see and apply makeup (for men – shave) and perform other similar “rituals” with greater efficiency.

    It is also worth noting that in this case, the location of the backlight plays a big role. It is not recommended to place it at the bottom of the mirror, or to direct the beam of light directly to the surface – the glare will only interfere with you.

    Specialized lighting remains only one of the variations, although the most popular, of this type of lighting. “The role of the second plan” is left to another wonderful lighting fixture – sconces. This wall lamp perfectly copes with the illumination of a fairly large area. It is most often used in hallways and bathrooms – in the latter case, sconces can perform the role of mirror lighting.

    When choosing high-quality lighting, we advise you to pay attention to LED lights, which help to save energy, waterproof models, which can be placed even outdoors or in the bathroom, as well as products equipped with dimmers (regulators of light levels).