How to choose a metal entrance door?

    In a new apartment, only the house-building plant can install a wooden entrance door, in other cases, any adequate person will opt for a metal door, as more reliable and protected against burglary. Nowadays the market of metal doors is represented by a huge variety of manufacturers, and many even find it difficult to settle on a particular brand.

    Now the market is represented by imported and domestic manufacturers. Moreover, you can buy an imported one even cheaper by several times than the metal door of the domestic manufacturer. There is a so-called problem of choice, when the range of products is very large. So what to choose for the entrance metal door?

    Among foreign-made metal entrance doors, you can choose doors from China. They are positioned as the most economical in terms of cost and differ significantly from similar doors of domestic manufacturers. Their main drawback is the thickness of the metal layer, which in some cases can be up to 1 mm, which is very small. In fact, such a door can be opened with an ordinary knife, since the thickness of its leaf is no greater than that of a tin can.

    The second disadvantage is the possibility of rapid deterioration of the upper decorated layer, which can deteriorate or get covered with bubbles even in the case of powder coating.

    Chinese manufacturers present the advantage of these doors as the fact that the hinges are concealed and it would be difficult for intruders to cut them off. In fact, it is unlikely that a thief will saw off the hinges and unclamp the leaf to get into the apartment with such noise, because it is easier to pick the lock. And most modern entrance doors have anti-release metal pins, which will prevent the opening after cutting the hinges.

    The optimal thickness of the sheet metal is considered 1.5-2 mm, but domestic manufacturers can be found, and the door is even thicker. It is heavier for the average person and there is no point in having a thicker layer of metal, unless, of course, is not supposed to hide behind a door from gunfire.

    More expensive models can be made of privileged steel, in which high strength is possible with a low thickness of the metal sheet. The number of ribs also affects the strength of the product, they are made of different materials and even wood. Wooden stiffeners are not desirable.

    Until recently, the most popular options for finishing entrance doors from the outside were painting or upholstering with artificial leather. Now buyers have a demand for doors with vandal-proof treatment, and in cheaper models, enamel painting with a hammer effect is used.

    In this case, the surface turns out as if with a dusting, which is easy to scratch, but it can be restored with your own hands with a simple roller. Powder coating of a metal door from the outside looks more spectacular, but it is impossible to restore the color on your own in case of damage.

    Finishing a metal door from the inside can be quite different, most often it is upholstery dermantin. But of the more modern options is the decoration panel-overlay coated with PVC film. This film allows you to formalize the door in any style and choose the most harmonious with the overall interior space.

    I would like to make special mention of the possibility to decorate the door with forged decorative elements which will fit any design and will look prestigious and expensive. Doors with forging are often purchased by making an individual order.

    If financial possibilities allow, then ordering the manufacturing of doors individually is the best solution. In this case it is possible to get a product made especially for your peculiarities. For example, not all apartments or houses have a standard size. This is especially true in private construction, and manufacturing by own measurements of the entrance door to a private wooden house from this position is very justified.

    All the advantages of a metal entrance door are obvious, but only if properly installed. The main indicator is the absence of a draft after the installation process. Sound and heat insulation is guaranteed by the double loop seals and filler door, in the role of which can be used foam plastic and others. In metal doors, made of a single sheet metal and upholstered with dermantine, it is difficult to avoid rattling. In this case, decorative panels that can significantly reduce noise can help.